When lightening strikes…

My husband has been struck by lightning and is suffering from cranial nerve damage along with numerous other complications. We need help. Please read our story…

Years ago, my husband Tony was struck by lightning, which forever changed his life. In an instant the strike caused life-altering trauma. He broke dozens of bones, fractured most of his teeth, endured a significant loss of hearing, and now experiences drastic fluxuations in body temperature – causing a hypothermic condition. He was emergency medevaced to shock trauma more than 50 miles away by the U.S. Coast Guard, going in and out of cardiac arrest, given little to no chance of survival.

Amazingly, because he was standing in sand when struck, he survived due to the sand absorbing and displacing the massive current. Unfortunately he continues to suffer with horrific pain and complications resulting from permanent cranial nerve damage. He sometimes bleeds out of his ears, nose, eyes and fingertips. His face often goes numb, and has recently been diagnosed with Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome (which has no cure), causing major vision problems, including extreme hypersensitivity to light. His head pain has been the most debilitating. This pain over the last year has reached a new level of havoc, rendering him unable to work or perform basic functions, requiring me to care for him around the clock.

We are without insurance, and though he has been under the care of Duke Medicine/Duke Neurology, they too have run out of options and need to run many additional series of tests (ranging from MRIs, CT Scans, Blood Cultures, Lumbar Punctures, and more) to continue to find answers but will not do so without payment. Because the majority of his pain is caused as a result of inflammation in his brain which cannot be treated with narcotics or opioids, he has been on Prednisone for over 2 years but the side effects have also taken a toll on his body and has had to stop taking it, leaving him with no medication for relief. As such, he suffers every day.

As a result of these circumstances, we are deeply in need of financial resources to get help immediately, as we do not have the ability to pay our typical housing, grocery, and medical bills.

Like most people, we’re proud, but having run out of options, we have nowhere else to turn. We pray for any kind of help and financial assistance you can give, to which we would be eternally grateful. Thank you. Please, help, and God bless.

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Valarie- Though our stories are different, I have such compassion and empathy for you. I too am caring for a husband around the clock (in fact as I write this, I am sitting in the ICU where he was life flighted and is hooked up to a ventilator with little chance of survival according to the medical team- hence why it took me so long to update this blog; my apologies…) I understand the stress, the worry, the pain and the sadness that comes from being the round the clock care giver to someone who has suffered such a devastating, debilitating blow to who they once were. I don’t even have any words to give that can fix it, but let me share something I read just this morning: “The Lord taketh pleasure…in those that hope in his mercy.” Psalms 47:11

Stay strong, know that the Lord is aware of you and your needs. He is merciful and he loves you. He will anticipate your needs before you even know to utter them. I promise, God is in the details of all of this. ❤️-Kate

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