My name is Moïse Mensah, I’m a 25-year old Frenchman (French-African from Ivory Coast) , college senior from Paris. I’ve been following youraccount and wanted to thank you guys for publishing my life story.
I’m reaching out to you to please share the story that I’m about to tell you. As a firm believer of Black Lives Matter, I would like to tell you about a disturbing act of horror a young 22-year old black guy named Theo has been the victim of. Four days ago, four police officers in a Parisian district violently assaulted, beat up and raped Theo in an area of Aulnay Sous Bois, a sensible Parisian district. I would like to have your two cents about this story. I would like for you to speak out about this man who has been sexually assaulted by these police enforcers. The reactions all over the world were overwhelming. Today, President Hollande visited him at the hospital where he’s currently heavily injured, unable to work for 60 days and suffering a 10-cm wound in the anus, as a result of the harrowing rape he has been the victim of.
I would like for you to speak out because in Europe, especially in my country, France , we’re actually on the verge of a life-defining presidential election where Marine Le Pen, the far right candidate, is gaining massive traction on the polls. We, in France, were shellshocked when Trump won and what his victory unleashed. But her rise to the top is as scary as Trump’s. Her rhetoric is even scarier and abrasive. She’s leading so much that I’m scared for me and my fellow Black, Muslims to be endangered by a candidate, overtly nationalist, divisive and fearmongering. Her rise has summoned the worst instincts of à lot of people in my country. This tragic attack reminds me a lot of what other Black Americans are living day in and day out. I know it all too well : seven years ago, I’ve been groped by a police officer during a check-up. I’ve been inappropriately touched in the legs, between it, on my crotch and on my buttocks. I didn’t talk. I remained silent and numb. I was too young and unprepared to retaliate. Seven years passed and luckily, it never happened to me ever.
But Theo didn’t have the occasion to stand a chance. He has been RAPED by those people, and police meant to protect us.
I know that Theo’s case didn’t end up with him dead but his life, my life, and the lives of all the Black and Muslim French people targeted, crept in, abused, demonized by some in the police matter as most as Trayvon, Eric and Sandra and so many others even though we’re still alive. There’s a scapegoating happening here and it’s a solemn duty to look after each other.
I know you care about people so please, say something and don’t let me unanswered. I would be happy if you could talk about this story and share this photo on your page. We need to spread the word with the purpose of supporting our fellows.
Because Black lives matter in America. But also in France. And all around the world. We have to prove that we matter more than EVER in a world where divisiveness is expanding his disgusting rhetoric in global politics.
In honor of the victims of police violence, in honor of him, me and all the victims who died, alive but damaged beyond repair, the broken families, I sincerely hope you’ll reach out and read me.

Thank you very much for reading. 
Yours respectfully.

Moïse Mensah 

Editors note: this was submitted back on 2/7.  Apologies for the delay in updating to the site.

Moise- Thank you for submitting this.  We live in perilous times.  Nothing is ever going to change unless we can all unite and come together regardless of nationality, race, religion or political affiliation.  

WeSurvived.org does not condone violence, silencing or sexual assault on anyone regardless of the motive or intent and we certainly pray for and hope that the young man in Paris may recover and heal from his experience.  We love and pray for our brothers and sisters everywhere, but will not engage in the political or racial rhetoric on either side of the fight-because we have two sides who are blinded by their own agendas and unwilling to unite for the cause of peace.  We will stand for what we believe in, but will not use this platform to engage with those who are unwilling to hear or listen.  We will always continue to stand for what is right and what is right is to always leave people better than we found them.-Kate

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