They shot him 12 times and ended it for him…

Hello my name is Gavin Turbeville I am 14.
Here is my story, about 3 years ago my parents got a divorce, and it put my mom into a major stage of depression. To deal with it she would get new boyfriends, she couldn’t be alone. Well some of here boyfriends were good, but I guess she didn’t like good guys because she always kept the bad ones. But nothing worked out until she met this guy.

He was perfect, his past however was not. He was. Convicted of 2 counts of attempted murder which my mother knew. But to us he was the one until one night him and my mother went out to drink and he wasn’t supposed to, he was the designated driver. He drank anyway and on the way home they got pulled over and due to his parole he went back to prison for 2 years. That crushed my mother so she started drinking but I was only 11, so I didn’t really comprehend the situation.

After 2 years of depression he got out and my mother was happy again. Well she continued drinking and he was an alcoholic so now I had 2 alcoholic parents but I dealt with it. Well, when my step-dad got drunk it went one of two ways. He either fell asleep or he got really really angry. So when he fell asleep it was fine but when he was angry it got bad there was no in-between he would hold a knife to his throat and tell my mom if she left he would kill himself right in front of us.

One night my sister was fed up and she tried to stop him and mom threatened to kill them both. It was very scary. One day they got drunk and had sex with an underage girl and she told her parents. Well the cops were called and they got a warrant for his arrest and that day we left for school and everything was normal-well that afternoon I was on my way to church with my 2 sisters, and my grandpa got a call from a neighbor saying that there were like 12 cop cars at my house.

Well as it turns out they went to my house and they knocked on the door and my mom answered and they asked for my step-dad and he came out with an air soft pistol he had, but with the tip off of it and he told them he wasn’t going back to jail. He pulled it out and pointed it at them and they asked him to put it away and he wouldn’t so they shot him 12 times and ended it for him.

Little did I know that was the beginning for me. I hate that it happened that way but it did. The cops showed up at the church I was at when my grandpa left to go check out the house. They took me and my two sisters to the school- DCS  was waiting there for us but they turned us around and took us back to the church because my grandpa showed up.

Well my grandpa gave us the news and we just went to church and went on until the next day. Well after that I went into a stage of depression and wanted to end it. I almost did but I don’t know your faith or religion but God stopped me. At the time my faith was weak and I didn’t really care. But I went to a new church and they helped me build my faith. And after that I grew in faith and about 2 weeks ago I started writing poems and I can speak better with the Lord.

My gets out of jail in a few months it’s been a little over a year now and we are healing as a family. That is my story please don’t ever give up because I know from experience you don’t want to.

Gavin- What a brave soul you are to share your story.  You are a well spoken young man and I am so happy you found us.  There is so much about your story that seems like such a tragedy.  I am saddened by the decisions the adults in your life have made and how that has negatively impacted your life.  Adults are supposed to protect their children and keep them from harm- but sadly it doesn’t always happen that way.

I don’t want what you’ve been through to be something that keeps you stuck.  I hope you can find a way to turn the bad into something beautiful.  I think you are already on the right track.  You have found God.  Rest assured that he knows you intimately.  He knows you, is aware of you and loves you and he knows what you’ve been through.  Lean on him and continue to find strength.  Let him take the hurt, confusion and anger and carry that burden with you.

Hold tight to your family.  You said you all are healing- I hope your Mother can find some healing too.  Be patient with her.  She’s made a lot of bad decisions, but at the core, she loves you and I hope you can develop a strong relationship with her.  

You’ve been through a lot already kiddo, but rest assured you can make your story different.  You are not what you’ve been through and you’ve got your whole life ahead of you.  Use these experiences as a spring board to propel you into a better and brighter future because you’ve already seen what you don’t want. We’re rooting for you and can hardly wait to see how awesome your life turns out.- Kate

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