How I survive…

Thanks for such a wonderful story you shared. It’s been a rough few years and just when I think with I see the light at the end of the tunnel the batteries run out and I have one more thing on my plate to stress about. So on those days when I’m at the lowest and feel like why do I even keep trying I have 5 reasons that I turn to and all I need is to look on their eyes and see that even on the worst days whether I had a dollar left in my pocket til payday I have grandkids that have love ❤️ smiles and hugs that can make the darkest day shine brighter than the sun.

Raquel Zike @raquelzike

Raquel- What a gorgeous brood of little angels.  I am so glad you have these sweet reminders of what a little slice of Heaven feels like (granted a little crazy, messy, loud, spirited slice of Heaven). When things feel hard, and you wonder why you keep going…look at their faces and you’ll know that everything you do, is for them.  – Kate

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