My story about domestic violence so far…

My name is Teniecka Drake.
Ig: 4_l.a.f.f

I am a mother of 4 one of my children is Austic. I have been married for 8 years to a man that was extremely abusive and manipulative. After years of thinking he would stop cussing at me and talking about me fighting me. I decided to leave April 8, 2016. On March 17, 2016 he choked me and that was considered as an attempted murder charge. After finding out choking held such a high charge-I realized he was trying to literally kill me.

I packed up my 4 babies all the belongings I had and I left and moved to California. After being in Cali the husband stated he had changed. After all the cheating he said he was done with the individual and no more hitting all that is gone. After returning to Arizona he was still the exact same rude agressive. I stayed for 6 days ended up in the ER with Bell’s Palsy due to the stress it was the sypotoms similar to that of a stroke in the right side of my face. I knew this would never work. I felt convicted in my spirit that I was right the first time leaving him. I am still dealing with this due to waiting to get a divorce but that is my story so far.

Teniecka-  Thank you sharing your experience so far.  Domestic violence is happening in staggering numbers and you are not alone.  We are so proud of you for leaving.  I imagine though that this is just the beginning of what will probably be a very long journey for you.  When things get tough- remember you deserve better.  You are worthy, you are valuable and you’ve got 4 babies to protect.  Do not let him talk you into coming back.  Don’t believe the lies of an abuser.  He can change…. but he can change far away from you with the help of God.  This is not your battle to continue to fight with him.  Stay strong, and know  that we’re rooting for you.  – Kate

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