Life with incurable brittle bone disease …

Hello everyone.😊❤️🍃 My name is Sierra Badgley. I’m sixteen years old, but I’m not your typical teenage girl. I was born with a rare bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. It’s a genetic disorder that causes me to break my bones really easily, sometimes for no reason. People with OI have a short stature, fracture easily, have chronic bone pain, loose joints and endure many tragic experiences. I get treatments every few months at the children’s hospital, but OI, more commonly known as brittle bone disease, is incurable. Due to my brittle bone disease, I’ve developed an anxiety disorder. I battle with these 2 disorders daily, but that doesn’t stop me.
As somebody with brittle bones, the activities I participate in should be chosen wisely. But…I ride dirtbikes. Some call it stupid, I call it living. If I’m going to break, I’d rather break doing something I love. That being said, I got into a dirtbike accident on October 4th 2015. I ended up with my 6th concussion, a shattered and fractured elbow, a broken nose for the second time, I damaged my mouth and endured a neck injury. This lead to my diagnosis of post concussion syndrome that I still battle with today. My recovery is longer, but after having surgery with 2 screws being put in to keep my elbow together, and multiple Doctor and physiotherapy appointments, I’m doing a lot better. My outlook on life has changed, and I face everyday with a positive attitude. I believe the only limitations that exist are the ones you put on yourself. Be you, be strong, be brave. Everyday you wake up is a gift, never take advantage of that.❤️
My Instagram is; @sierrabadgley & @oiproject 🙂

Sierra- you are strong, courageous and brave. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ your outlook on life and your positive attitude and sass. You keep riding girl…keep doing all those things that others tell you that you can’t. You are an inspiration to so many and we are behind you 💯% -Kate

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