Giving a voice to rape survivors…

If you or anyone you know is a survivor of rape, please watch this video

Having been a survivor myself, this video really hits home. In the clip one of the girls says, “this should be his problem, he should be dealing with the repercussions of this”. Sadly, for most victims that is not their reality. Their attackers move on and don’t give their actions much more thought and don’t realize the devestation they leave in their wake.  What happened to these girls is life changing and can never be un-done. 

I have so much compassion for these women. The victim blaming that often times happens after something like this can sometimes be more detrimental than the act itself. We need to give victims a voice. So many of us have been told to “shut up about it” when all we were trying to do was find some sort of justice for a terrible thing that happened to us that we never asked for. 

Help raise awareness. Share this post. Help us start a conversation. Thank you Colleen for sending me this video to share. Every victim needs a voice and an advocate. Every victim needs to know that it was NOT your fault. Things will get better. You will survive this and it’s OK to be angry. Remember, some days will be better than others. We are behind you and here to support you. Don’t allow your attacker to make you feel unworthy. You are incredible and you will find strength within yourself that you never knew existed. 

If you haven’t watch the video, do so here.


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