I never thought it would happen to me…


March 29th 2015, I collided at over 55 mph into the back of an SUV that pulled out in front of me…they helicoptered me to the trauma center.  My stomach got cut open, my liver got cut, both my lungs were punctured and my left lung collapsed.  My right arm broke and snapped in 3 places and my elbow was shattered.  I had an abrasion on my left leg.  I had fractured ribs and even with my helmet on, I still had a traumatic brain injury which put me in a coma for a month.

I lost 14 pints of blood and got 19 pints of blood in a blood transfusion.  I was in such bad shape that the surgeon told my parents that he’s gonna try his best and not to get their hopes up….there is a lot more but this sums it up.  I’ve recovered miraculously.

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