Ok- so I’m a little late….

So what if it’s January 19th and I’m just now starting to think about new years resolutions/goals/bla bla bla… at least I’m finally getting here…

So I have an entire list of stuff I’m going to slay and accomplish this year…. the list goes on and on and would probably bore you.

Hell, check back with me same time next year and I’d be willing to bet that most of that list just got rolled over to the new list….again.

So there is this new thing going around (probably not that new but I am notorious for always being late on jumping on the latest bandwagon of trendy….) where instead of having a list of goals to accomplish- you roll your entire hope for the new year up into one perfectly, well-thought out word that is nicely package with a pretty little bow…. follow?

Ok- here is my word “shine”.  Let me show you how my little brainy parts got there…. “ok- my word this year is survive!  Wait, no, I don’t want to survive….survive is what I did the whole 2015 year… just barely survive.  I want to thrive!  I want to survive but better…. survive + thrive ….. wait for it…… shine.  I want 2016 to be my year to shine”.  Get it?  So my word is shine.  2015 was pretty sucky in a lot of ways….. three miscarriages, getting screwed BIG TIME by my biggest client on the professional front and losing 70% of my revenue and 100% of my income…..pretty darn sucky…and the fact that those things happened right at the same time= priceless.  I can’t make this crap up.

It’s ok though- these challenges are just momentary.  We’ll get things figured out on the professional front because I kick ass at what I do.  That was a crappy client anyway- good riddance we should have parted ways long ago and I knew that.

Also, we’ll figure out the baby thing.  I am usually such a pregnant ninja.  I’m one of those chicks that most think makes pregnancy look easy… I am pretty high functioning (*not discrediting any of those lovely ladies out there who struggle big time just to function while pregnant…for those who have never done it- pregnancy = HARD FREAKING WORK)….so why the last three have refused to work out is beyond me.  These are things we can work through- but honestly- the timing of all of it was pretty crappy.  Have you ever gone through a period of your life where you feel like nothing is working out on any front?  Yeah- that’s been me this last year.  But it’s like that saying I’ve seen everywhere lately:  “If you feel like your life just got harder, it’s probably because you just leveled up”.  Bring it!  I am ready to level up.  I’ll be the first to admit- some of these challenges have left me with a pretty bad attitude, but I am ready to have an attitude adjustment and look at everything that is going right and how things are falling apart to fall back into place so much better than I could have imagined it.

So shine.  I am going to “shine” the shit out of this year.  Guaranteed.

What’s your word?


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