Meet @elsoly-He looks great!

Originally from Aguadilla PR, always the big guy from the family. When I moved to Milwaukee, WI I got to my heaviest weight of 485 pounds. I had problems with my legs, skin and bunch of headaches. After all those problems I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. One day my wife cried over my chest saying that she was afraid of dying and letting her alone. I’m 31 I was younger then, so tried one more time and one more.

After almost three years now I’m down to 322 pounds and from size 56, 6Xl I’m on 46 and 3Xl.

My goal is to be at 250 next year. One of the things that I do appreciate is page like this one that motivate people like me to do what some claim is impossible. Thanks for the inspiration you guys share.

It takes courage to make big changes and see them through.  I am sure you’ve learned a lot about yourself in the process.  Congratulations. – Kate

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