Meet Juleah

Meet : @juleahcook1 last year I started my journey. I reached 133 kilos, 18yo I was at the point where simple things in life couldn’t just be that simple, (buying clothes,holidays,rides,planes etc) because my weight would be an issue. I lost all of my confidence, and hated to look back at myself in the mirror, something clicked one day when I had enough of hating myself I finally had a wake up call that I needed to change my health if I wanted to be happy. I started excercising 2 times a day, clean eating and counting calories, I seen results in the first couple weeks and it gave me this feeling of power, and that’s when I realised that I was in charge of my own body, I’ve joined the gym, surrounded myself around people chasing the same goal, and still calorie counting. whenever I will see another kilo down it motivates to keep pushing through! now 30.4 kilos down I am no longer that insecure sad girl anymore, I’m happier I’m healthier and I’m stronger I still have a long journey ahead of me with wanting to lose 25-30 more kilos, but I have learnt to enjoy the journey! And I can’t wait to keep on smashing goals and become the girl that I deserve to be! I hope to inspire other girls like myself because I never believed I could do it but the truth is you can , anyone can! Follow me on my journey 💪🏻😅 
-I’m so happy for you Juleah. Well done! -Kate

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